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Designer Bags (and accessories)

We are thrilled to have such great feedback and excitement about our cowhide bags! We began a journey of designing and creating this line over six years ago. Never did we realize how big it would grow! We choose the finest quality cowhides from Brazil and Columbia to use in the construction of each bag. Our wonderful Amish friends sew these bags right here in Tennessee, with great detail to quality and uniqueness. The bags are durable and do not shed. We offer many styles, sizes and colors, so there is a bag that is just right for anyone!

Photo courtesy: Autumn Ward Photography


Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs have been a great product for so many years, but lately they are really growing in popularity! They are used in any decor and style of home and have appeared in many decorating magazines and shows! We are very proud of our selection and quality, as we carry hides from Brazil, Columbia and Argentina. We have small, medium and large hides and a very wide variety of colors and patterns. If you are interested in purchasing a hide rug, please email, call or text and I will personally assist you in the process!


Hand-carved Geese

My daddy taught me how to build our wooden geese when I was young. I am so blessed to have married a wonderful man who would carry on the business with me! We love the classic look of the antique white painted goose, but we paint Canada geese as well! We use all kinds of wood from Tennessee and Louisiana. The geese have such a warm presence in any home!


Antler Chandeliers

Mason is such an artist with antlers! We buy the antlers from Colorado and Montana by the pound. They are all sheds and drops from elk, mule deer and fallow. We build chandeliers any size to fit your space! Click the button below to learn more!